Events attended in 2016

March 7th-- information table at a Sutton Surgery

April 16th--attended Volunteers Conference

June--  Diabetes Week. information tables at King's Mill and Kirkby Health and Well being

June 16th--Mansfield Town football club---"The future of your diabetes care". CCG

June 26th-- Organised training of staff in Care Homes to better understand diabetes

July26th--" Know your risk" training. Training needed so as to be able to help on Roadshow

August 9th--Diabetes evening at the Towers Mansfield. Citizens Reference Panel

September 8th--Kirkby Family Medical Clinic. Information table

September 28th-- Kirkby Health and Wellbeing Centre. Information table

October 10th-- Harwood Close Surgery. Information table

October 16/20--" Know your risk of type 2 diabetes"  roadshow in Mansfield market place

October26th-- Health Event. Information table, Forest Road Methodist  Church, Annesely Woodhouse

October 27th-- Huthwaite PPG. Know your risk of type 2 Diabetes. Information taken

November 14th-- World Diabetes Day. Information table at Oaktree Lane Leisure Centre